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We normally speak about distributed working which encompasses teleworking, remote or mobile work, agile or flexible work, activity-based work and working with dispersed or virtual teams).

We can help you not only to start to telework, but we can help you improve how you telework as an organization, as a team and as an individual to reach Smartworking. 

Our portfolio of teleworking solutions go from technology (Cloud solutions, Windows Virtual Desktop, Security Assessments) to helping people and leaders becoming better teleworkers through a mix of scientifically validated assessments of our partner Workevohlution and training and coaching for leaders and teams.


We have been part of the cofounders and creators of ´Todos desde Casa´, a Spanish initiative led by Microsoft and the IAMCP, an independent association of Microsoft partners, where we created the ´AirBnB´ of teleworking. A platform that brings together more then 80 Microsoft partners who provide 4 hours of free consulting in addition to discounts on hardware and software, a knowledge base, training etc. Specifically as Adoptic we created an assessment tool where SMB´s can assess their teleworking maturity in 8 questions and they get a detailed report of improvement areas.

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